Magz Magnetic Construction Toy contains magnetic bars and steel balls which come together to form endless structures. Magz contains an element that allows people of all ages to be entertained for hours on end, which is its intuitive nature. A child can take the pieces from Magz and easily come up with his/her own creations. Magz has been known to enhance children's understanding of geometrical shapes and because it is a construction toy, children can tap into their imagination to conjure up different structures. Being a magnetic construction toy, Magz can assist in expanding children's knowledge of magnetic properties. Magnets are so intrinsically engaging, children and adults alike are all discovering the joy of Magz.

The possibilities are limitless with the traditional Magz bar, so imagine the boundless capabilities of an adjustable Magz bar! Skrooz is a revolution in magnetic construction toys and in the Magz family itself. The bars come in two different sizes: 1 inch and 1 1/4 inches that can be adjusted to 1 1/2 and 2 inches by a simple twist of the bar. Perfect for beginners or advanced sculptors, the adjustment ability of the bar makes it easy to create intricate structures (vehicles, animals, buildings) or geometrical structures.

*** MAGZ has NOT been recalled ***

Recalls are made by The US Product Safety Commission after receiving several complaints convincing the commission of the hazard.
There has not been one report of injury from MAGZ within its 6 year
MAGZ is tested and complies with government requirements.


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